Enhancing ConnectedHealth's UX by rethinking their apps' UI design for both consumer and enterprise users.

Created a new retail concept for TOT's youth market segment to differentiate from a saturated market of eye wear retailers.

Designing Sennheiser's top-of-the-line wireless earphone for alpha-male audiophiles on the move.

Enhancing the dining experience by keeping food warm throughout the meal without electricity for LTG.

Reframing the USB docking system for B&O by completely redesigning the configuration  but maintaining the core functionality.


Sculpting HP's mid format printer to streamline the bulky form factor and simplify the user interface for SOHO users.

Research & product design to enhance user experience & raise operational efficiency of Resource Medical's breast cancer scanner.

Designing Alexis' retail space using Ethnography to gain user insights & address critical issues to deliver great customer experience.

Helping WiMe research & define the design identity of consumer electronics for the young urban female.

Training teachers and department heads from the Ministry Of Education on the effective use of Creative Thinking tools.